Hi, I'm Anton

and I tutor music!

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Piano & Production Tutor

About Me

13 years ago I made the best decision of my life – learning the piano. Well… my mum actually made it, I was to young to imagine what a piano was and where it would take me.

But for over a decade, it has taken me to some truly fantastic places – playing at rock and jazz festivals, recording with amazing bands, and most importantly – understanding why music makes us feel the way it does.

So here I am. But where are YOU? If you’re learning or want to learn piano, music theory, HSC prep or audio engineering in south Sydney/inner west – get in touch now for your free lesson!

How may I help you?

jazz piano tutor in sydney

Jazz Piano

Jazz is the art of playing all the wrong notes and making it sound good.
Let's explore it together!


AMEB Grades
(Prelim - Grade 8)

Wether you're just starting out or want to master truly jaw-dropping pieces, I can help YOU ace the grades

audio engineering tutor in sydney

Audio Engineering

Ever wanted to record your own songs in a studio, mix live sound for concerts or be a DJ?